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Motherboard s1200v3rpm has no VGA output



I come on this board to ask for some help about a motherboard s1200v3rpm that I bought it to build a SOHO server.

The most immediate problem is that there isn't any VGA output signal from the motherboard, so I am quite unable to figure out the situation precisely.

Here is my configuration:

- MB s1200v3rpm, S/N are: pba g62254-405 / bqrp-34600095

- CPU core i3 4350

- 4GB memory DDR3L Crucial (CT51272BD160BJ - officially supported by the motherboard as mentionned on the Crucial site), in A1 slot

- PSU Be Quiet Straight Power 10 (compatible with c6/c7 states)

- nothing else attached (I also tested with a sata 1TB WD Blue 2.5" drive, but it had no impact).

The boot sequence shows the following flashes from status / ID leds (POST code leds stay dark):

- (for 1s) ID: blue blinking 5hz, Status: amber light solid

- (for 7s) ID blue blinking 3hz, Status green blinking 1Hz

- (for 1s) all off

- (for 14s) ID: blue solid, Status: green 1hz

- (for 1 s) all off

- (forever) ID: off, Status: green 1hz

As I understand from the manual, various causes are possible, and BMC is likely not operational.

The problem is, there is no VGA output whatsoever from the MB (I verified cable and monitor with another computer and they are OK), at any moment during the boot or afterwards (so impossible to go to BIOS, etc.).

Also there are no beeps, plugging an usb keyboard before, during or after boot does not produce anything (keyboard seems unactive, as there is no light on caps lock and num lock toggle).

I did the bios reset to default sequence (using the jumper) as instructed in the manual, but nothing changes.

I am quite stuck at this level, if anybody has an idea and/or experienced the same problems, I would be gratefuls of a few hints.



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I reviewed the processor support for this board and noticed the board revision you have (405) requires a BIOS update to support the processor you are using.

The system needs to be updated before using the Intel® Core™ i3-4350 processor.

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To boot, you need:

good mainboard, power supply, RAM and functioning BIOS and other firmwares. With no display, this can be any of them. You need to make sure the PS can provide the power output (current) and the RAM is the correct one in the right slot.


Hi Redsun,

thank you for your answer.

Following your advice I spent time again to check every of them.

Everything is tagged as compatible with this motherboard, except for the power supply which is a brand new "Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 400W".

Given the flashing leds, I suspect that many things are OK (if there was a real show stopper, the led would be solid amber as per the manual); the absolute absence of VGA output signal is the strangest symptom: I suppose this should be the BMC output, hence independent from whatever hardware is on the MB except for the PSU of course.

I have few clues about the reasons why there would be absolutely no VGA output signal except for a faulty hardware (bad soldering, etc.).

If you have any ideas for that VGA problem, that would be great!

Thanks & regards,



I reviewed the processor support for this board and noticed the board revision you have (405) requires a BIOS update to support the processor you are using.

The system needs to be updated before using the Intel® Core™ i3-4350 processor.


Hi David,

Great hint, thanks.

Indeed, there might be a BIOS verson problem, as the MB is still "as is" and I did no BIOS upgrade.

The reason being, I could not have any video output from the MB, hence I am "blind" and I cannot launch a BIOS upgrade procedure (at least, not the ones I know which require some command line).

If there was a fully automated way of upgrading the BIOS without need for interaction, that would be a nice workaround.

However I would like to know: is it not possible to make use of the BMC subsystem (independent from the CPU, RAM, etc.) in order to do that BIOS update?





It took me some time but now I have solved the problem: I did purchase a new CPU, core i3 4330, because it was supported "without bios upgrade" by the motherboard.

I installed it in the MB, it did go further in the boot and post process, which was a good sign, but no VGA output, still had some random problems.

I did reboot several times, change the RAM module slot (because the POST leds told something about it), and finally after 3-4 tentatives the system booted completely until the EFI shell prompt.

Now everything seems to be working well.

Thanks for your support!


Note: I am just puzzled that a system with an autonomous BMC couldn't display anything if the CPU was not right... the system should have been more resilient, whatever the CPU/RAM etc. in my opinion (that's what a BMC should be made for, I guess). Anyway now it's sorted. Great!