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Need help with Intel Management Module Advanced Edition



We changed our network IP range and found we can't change it for the optional Intel Management Module Advanced Edition we have installed. It was set up in 2006, back before I started managing the network, and someone must have tossed the software.

The motherboard is Intel Server Board SE7520BD2. This CD is missing, which would have let me use the System Configuration Wizard. Or the syscfg tool on the Motherboard CD would accomplish the same.

I tried current RMM software, and it can see the device, but can't change the static IP.

Has anyone saved an ISO of the SE7520BD2 CD, or even just have the utility zipped up?  Or is there some other way to accomplish changing the IP address on this module?

I even tried the Wayback machine, but the software wasn't available to download (just like it's not on either).

Thank you!   Chuck

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Hello, chuckm441.  


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Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2 and the associated spare parts and accessories have been discontinued. This info is also to inform you that support for the said products has been switched to self-service support.  

The available self-service support options include:  



Technical support content available online.  

Warranty service through the Warranty Center.  

Support and services for members of the Intel Channel Program through the Intel® Reseller Center.  


 You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request. :  


You can find the product information and support  options at the following link:  


Intel Customer Service Agents no longer respond to telephone, chat, community support forum, or email inquiries for self-service products. We will proceed to mark this thread as closed, other members may still provide further help, thank you for choosing Intel.  




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Thank you for those links, Paul, and thank you for trying, but they did not have anything useful. None of the info pages get me to what I need.  The information and any files are nowhere to be found.  I did apply for the Reseller Center because I am a VAR, but I have to wait several days for their approval.  And will I find anything useful there?  I don't know; I hope so, but that still leaves me wondering why Intel would abandon their users, because end users can't join there - if there is even an answer there.

I'm very much hoping someone on here still has the CD or a good memory to lead me to an alternate solution.  We are not going to replace this PC because Intel doesn't support it anymore.  There is an answer, somewhere. I have already reached out to Intel Tech Support directly, and they sent me to this community; so I'm praying the community has the answer.

I know there's someone who can solve this. 

Sincerely, Chuck




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