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No Resume on AC power loss MFSYS25V2

Hi. We have a Intel Modular Server System MFSYS25V2 with one MFS5520VI Compute Module and two MFS2600KI Compute Modules. I want to enable auto power on.

On the MFS5520VI i have the "Resume on AC Power Loss" option. I set the value "Reset" and this module works well.


On the MFS2600KI modules i have no this option!!!

I don`t know what to do. Plz, help me. Maybe there is some secret? First time I meet is.

Firmware Current Build Version:

MFS5520VI module:

BMC Firmwareok1.27.1 BMC Bootok0.28 BIOSokS5500.86B.01.00.0063.092120121436

MFS2600KI modules:

BMC Firmwareok1.0.3616 BMC Bootok1.14 BIOSokSE5C600.86B.01.06.0002.110120121539


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Re: No Resume on AC power loss MFSYS25V2

This feature was removed in the latest BIOS. When the system restarts, it is preferable that the ethernet switches come online first.

If the compute modules boot before the switches finish booting, unpredictable results may occur.

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