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RES2SV240 firmware flash failure!!


I think I have got a hard one, and the worse is I did not capture the screenshot when the failure happened so my description may not be complete...

Basically what happened was:

- I have 2x RES2SV240 attached to a Dell PERC H710P (I believe it is the same as LSI 9265/9266)

- Ran the update script (seems no validation on the system, but the flash tool just runs without any issue because it is LSI generic tool)

- The firmware flash ran on both 2x RES2SV240

- The download of firmware was successful, and I can see a message box comparing the old firmware with the new one (updating v6 to v13)

- The failure occurred after the download bit, with an error message like "post-flash failure (upload failed)" - I can't remember correctly

- Even the worse, at the end it asked me to restart the machine, I did, then...

- The 2x RES2SV240 were not detected by the HBA any longer - they are bricked

I have no way to re-flash the firmware using the batch file anymore, as the expanders are not showing in the PHY list meaning they can't be exposed for flashing.

I thought about RMA, and contacted Intel support, but the problem is I purchased these online, and the online retail will only accept RMA within 30-days of purchase, then I need to contact Intel directly. In this case I seem to run into the Geo issue as the cards are US ones (I think) but my region is APAC (New Zealand).

It also seems "xflash" tool can operate on COM port, but I would need the driver for the RES2SV240 which can simulate a COM port so the communication can happen, maybe via the PCIe bus...

Now I am stuck...Any help is very much appreciated...

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It could be a missing dependency and if you consider the following you may find what that is.

When you flash firmware, it's a good idea to go through and do all the firmwares.

Also a good idea to read the release notes for said firmwares to look for:

  • firmware dependencies of other controllers / HBAs / motherboard
  • order of flashing - you might need to flash the HBA before you apply this firmware - or the BIOS?

So, when I want to flash RAID controller firmware, I download all the firmwares and read the release notes first. Then, when I am happy that I know the dependencies and there are no conflicts, I proceed.

You might find the device is visible if the dependent firmwares are compliant.

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Thanks for your reply. Anyways I have successfully RMA'ed the expander cards and have them replaced. Intel warranty service rocks~!

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