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S2600CP motherboard + P3600 SSD?


I own a S2600CP board with 2x Xeon's on it. It has the newest BIOS package upgrade (BIOS : 02.06.0002 - ME : - BMC : 01.25.9398 - FRUSDR : 1.11)

Now I have gotten a good offer for an Intel P3600 SSD that I wanna use on that board.

I wanna check if I can boot off this SSD card?

I ask because there is this possible issue with NVMe and booting off those.

If not, I won't get the P3600 and just continue to boot off a SSD in a Sata 6Gbps port like I do now.

I do not have access to a free P3x00 card that I can test with, so I need to know for sure the card will work on that board before I proceed.

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Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.



In order to check compatibility conditions on Intel Server Products I would like to recommend the following tool: Intel® Server Configurator Tool



If you go to THOL Builder you can try the different validated combinations.




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