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4 Must Have Features in Your Uber Like App Development From Uber's Competitor Wheely

Below are 4 must-have features for your Uber clone app development: 

1.) Book a professional driver

  • Who does not like a luxurious driver treatment?
  • Wheely, a luxurious driving app, makes sure you recruit the most competent drivers. The correct selection of controllers has benefited Uber as the development of applications in two ways.
  • He has contributed enormously in the creation of brand awareness and generation of goodwill.
  • The clients felt like kings and queens for the special treatment of the drivers.

2.) advance booking of travel 

  • People plan long trips frequently. But booking transportation means much earlier than hotels and other places to visit.
  • The Uber application could not meet the urgent requirement of "advance travel scheduling". Users of the Wheely application can make their advance taxi reservations months before the day of travel. It is similar to book a flight or train in advance. It also allows users to book a taxi reservation on request, with the same day in advance.

3.) Pre-booking for airports

  • The Uber app gives you the possibility to book taxis at the airport terminals, but an extra cream on the decorated cupcake is more pleasant. The Wheely application included the "know and greet" option that allows drivers to be notified. If a passenger's flight is delayed or early, then the time prescribed by the customer.
  • By giving such ease, the application cares for the client. Nobody likes to wait and keep track of the taxi arrivals. Wheely application drivers receive it directly in the arrivals hall with a table with the customer's name.

4.) Confirmation by mail

  • The market for taxi applications on demand is enormously penetrating. All kinds of Uber and Uber cloning applications, such as taxi booking applications, have saturated the world of applications. The Wheely application devised a professional solution of "Confirmation mail" in all this traffic jam. This luxury taxi application works professionally with the mail system service.
  • So when a rider books a taxi, he receives a confirmation email. When the day ends, customers receive a notification about the arrival of the driver and how far it is from the designated place. By means of this taxi service, both the company and the customer can verify the records of their drivers at any time.


The inclusion of these features will help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of taxi applications to create a good brand image and repo in the market. If you are a taxi startup and you are working on some simple tactics to build an application like Uber, discuss it with us.

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Hi There,

I would like to share some additional features regarding uber like app development, The uber like taxi applications are offers the complete digital setup to taxi startups, and also it has all the essential features to run a flawless taxi business.

Many of the taxi app development companies nowadays provide the uber like taxi app solutions with the advanced features. For taxi startups to be more unique and competition less there is no other better way than developing a feature-rich taxi app solution. 


It is no news that apps like Uber are dominating the market. Why so? Because they provide on-demand services that are quick and reliable. They have managed to solve a lot of real-life problems faced by people. Those efforts have swayed some Wall Street analysts who say the price war between the ride-hailing businesses has eased, indicating Uber and Lyft could turn a profit in the near future, In fact, the market stats prove it better with numbers.

One of my friend who is working in space-o technologies writes about "Uber-Like Taxi App Development: 4 App Features To Grow Your Taxi Business" while developing an uber like taxi app. In this blog, she describes the 4 unique features you need to know before developing an uber like taxi app. Every uber like taxi app development must consider this feature during taxi booking app development and incorporate it into the module.


Along with the confirmation mail, there should be a feature to contact the driver on one to one basis in case of any emergency. The payment method should be both digital and cash basis. The rest of the points are very useful.