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Adding plugin via plugin manager



I downloaded the newest IDE and created a new sample project, The "Hello, Cordova" project, because I wanted to test some plugins.

The projects builds fine but when I try to add this plug in : via the plugin manager, (Add plugin-> Third party plugin -> Git repo and etc.). When I tried to build the project an error pops up that says :

"Error: Unable to build; intelxdk.config.additions.xml file includes plugin tags, which are no longer supported. Use the Intel XDK plugin manager to resolve this issue. See".

I checked the xml file and there are not any plugin tags at all. Also I thought the problem could be the dependencies that the plugin adds, so I first added only the dependencies without the main plugin and the project built fine.

​But when I tried to add the plugin again, the error showed up again. I also tried to add it as a local plug- in, the result is the same error.

Can someone try to make the same thing and tell me if gets the same result and what could the problem be?

Edit: Also tried different Cordova Versions and Crosswalk Runtime versions, I know that they doesn't really matter but I just want to say that I tried that too.

Thank you,







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I'm able to reproduce that behavior. I am not sure what is causing the problem, but I believe the error message is a "red herring." I think there's something else about that plugin that is causing the problem, which is an error we've never seen before, and the error message you're seeing is likely just "fallout" from this unknown error.

There are two things about that plugin (and the dependent plugins it pulls in):

  • the plugin is extremely old (by Cordova standards) and was developed by the Google Chrome on Android project team, which was disbanded quite some time ago -- that plugin (and its dependent plugins) are no longer maintained, and the version of Cordova that it was originally developed for and tested against is no longer supported -- so it could just be "old age" that is the source of the problem
  • the plugin uses an odd notation for pulling in the dependent plugin, which might have something to do with the error, it's not clear why, but that's my guess

If my guess is correct, it seems all you'd have to do is clone the plugin, get rid of the "@1" notation at the end of the dependent plugin spec in the plugin.xml file and then add that modified plugin back in as a local plugin. However, given the age of the plugin, there's no guarantee the plugin will still work, even if that allows the plugin to be built.

FYI -- I did successfully build using Cordova CLI on my machine, but that build environment does not include the pre-check code of our cloud-based build system. I'll ask engineering to take a look to see if there's something in our pre-check system that's failing.


Thank you for the fast responce.