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Android Webview Enable and Update

Hi Intel Support Is there a way to pop up a message when the "Android Webview" is disabled or require update. What I want is when app launch it checks whether the Android Webview is Enable and updated, if not show a message and ask user to update. Reason is it breaks the css when app launch and the user dont know how to update Android Webview or enable it. Please let me know. Regards Honda20
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The Android webview should always be "enabled" -- I'm not sure what you mean by this. I've never seen a device where you cannot install and run a Cordova app (which is what the XDK creates). All Cordova apps use the native webview unless you build with Crosswalk, in which case the app uses the Crosswalk webview.

The native webview in Android 5 and later devices is updated through the store, but there is no way for your app to know if an update is available, all you can do is detect if the webview is compatible with your app.

So I think what you really want to do is check the webview runtime version and decide if your app will work or will not work. If your app will not work with the version of the webview that your app is running on, you should show a screen indicating that your app is not compatible with this device. If you need a guarantee that the webview will be a specific level you should be building with Crosswalk embedded, that way you can guarantee that the same webview is used for every installation.