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Augmented Reality head worn display for people with dementia


We are two students from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm who are currently doing our bachelor project.
For our project we have chosen to develope a head worn display (HWD) with the purpose of supporting people suffering from 
dementia. Together with a company that is developing the software our main goal is to create a discrete product that 
fits the needs of people with dementia in order to be used in public.
With limited experience in the hardware field of technology, we would like to ask you a couple of questions.

This is what we know and what questions we want to ask you:

In order for the head worn display to be able to communicate with the software we will need a gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer.
We will need a gps in order to allocate position. (This must be an exact position in order for the HWD to give precise instructions, any suggestions?).

A camera will be needed and we've gotten the suggestion of using "AR-kit" or "AR-core" which have binochular vision and can sense depth.
(Is this enough to simulate a 3D object on a display?)

We will also need a microcontroller that can convert the signal from the sensors. (How many inputs can a microcontroller have?)

We have also thought alot about the processing power, in order for the HWD to be discrete there will be a maximum amount of hardware on the
goggles themselves. This leaves us with the question: (Is cloudbased communication an option for computing power and does it in any way decrease
the amount of components that needs to be attached? Or do you believe that it can be built in a discrete way from what you've read so far?)

The best option for us would be to take a pair of HWD apart in order to identify the components ourselves, but with limited cash flow this is not an 
option (student problems)...

I hope some of you find this interesting and have comments/feedback that you could give us, any answer is a good answer!

Daniel and Mikaela






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These are good questions and I found this combination of forums that may provide you information for each individual components:

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