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BUG Report: Installation parallel studio xe 2016 update 3 arch linux


this is a bug report for the people using parallel studio 2016 update 3 on arch linux (it may also involve other versions of parallel studio). Normally those problems appear in future linux distributions, since arch is a rolling release and always on newest stable software. I also didn't find anything in the forum so I'm posting this.

During the installation process in the activation section the activation process over a license server can hang up. (alternative activation -> activation over license manager)

In particular the process chklic in the folder tools receives the license files from the given license server. After getting all files it starts again to receive the files from the license server instead of checking if everything needed is already downloaded. Thus this activation process will loop forever. 

A workaround is easy after one loop has been passed you can turn off your internet connection, so you force the installer to check the files locally. You can view the log files in /tmp intel.issa ..... log and wait until you see the same chklic processes called again or you look in top or so. Make sure it is really the same process because chklic will be called with many different arguments. Otherwise wait 30 min before you disconnect your internet connection this should be enough time. Now the installer should go on. 

( the return code of chklic 
0x01  Had Error.
 0x02  Saw valid licenses.
 0x04  Saw counted licenses.
 0x08  Valid licenses authenticated.
 0x10  Counted licenses authenticated.
 0x20  Counted licenses can not be checked out because license server is down.
 0x40  Feature has expried.

INFO in log file in /tmp 


INFO: LicenseHandler::GetChkLicCode(): 0  
seems to say license valid from license server go on. This will go on forever until you cap the internet connection then
INFO: LicenseHandler::GetChkLicCode(): 2 
and the activation process has succeded


For arch users please make sure you have cpio installed and glibc (if the installer shows no glibc found just be sure you have it installed, the installer just checks the version of glibc wrong) and I recommend not using the graphical installer it does not show you all the errors. Hopefully this helps some people and I posted it in the right section of this forum.

If my description is not enough please let me know but since it is a really specific problem and easy to work around I didn't post all logs.



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Hi Max,

In general, this is best submitted via Intel® Premier Support (

Can you please send the installer log file to me via private message?

Intel Developer Support

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