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Build Failed with no error specified.


Hi all.

I am trying to build my game with Intel XDK.
I have managed to do this countless times before but today for some reasons it is not working.
When I click BUILD, it takes forever on the UPLOADING stage and then quickly fails at the PROCESSING stage. This are the details for the Android build error:

Build Log

  • Building a Cordova 5.4.1 application.
  • Using platform cordova-android 5.0.0.
  • The application name is "Meteor123"
  • The package name is "com.medasoft01.meteor123"
  • Preference android-signed set to true. Application will be signed.
  • Using Crosswalk Embedded 16


As you can see, there is nothing in the build log to tell me what is wrong so I am a bit lost.
I am using construct2 r227, it's an HTML5 game.

I hope someone here can help me. Thanks ;)

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The problem is solved.
The folder my project was in was corrupted. A huge amount of "www. folders" were created inside each other:

www>www>www ...

My project folder is even considered too big for my recycle bin because of this so I guess it is why the build failed at the uploading stage.
it's a shame there wasn't a more specific error message from the build log to help me find it but I can't blame Intel for that.

I am writing this in case someone gets the same issue.

Bye ;)