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Build error with Tapstream plugin

I upgraded to XDK 3088 and switched to CLI 5.4.1 from 5.1.1 and now get a build error with the Tapstream 1.0.5 plugin.

:compileArmv7ReleaseJava.../Wispeo/platforms/android/src/com/tapstream/sdk/ error: package org.apache.http does not exist
import org.apache.http.HttpResponse;

Is Tapstream just not compatible with CLI 5.4.1?

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Never heard of this plugin before, so following is based on my inspection of the repo, etc.

The plugin appears to be somewhat old (in Internet days). Last update in the git repo was over a year ago. On the PhoneGap plugin repo ( the last version (1.0.5) was uploaded over a year ago and is listed with this commit (b25c9b1) from the repo (, which appears to the last code commit (the latest is a doc update).

I'm assuming you're pulling the plugin from the git repo? If you are pulling it in from the head of the master branch you should be getting that version 1.0.5 (unfortunate that there are no version tags in the repo). Looking at the plugin.xml file, I don't see anything in particular that would cause problems.

Does it build with CLI 5.1.1?

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