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Confused about the TXT register values

Hi all,

I just ran the Linux txt-stat tool (which comes with tboot) on a system which has an IceLake CPU and a 495 Series PCH, and am seeing the following output:

Intel(r) TXT Configuration Registers:
	STS: 0x00000003
	    senter_done: TRUE
	    sexit_done: TRUE
	    mem_config_lock: FALSE
	    private_open: FALSE
	    locality_1_open: FALSE
	    locality_2_open: FALSE
	ESTS: 0x00
	    txt_reset: FALSE
	E2STS: 0x0000000000000004
	    secrets: FALSE
	ERRORCODE: 0x00000000
	DIDVID: 0x00000001b00a8086
	    vendor_id: 0x8086
	    device_id: 0xb00a
	    revision_id: 0x1
	FSBIF: 0xffffffffffffffff
	QPIIF: 0x000000009d003000
	SINIT.BASE: 0x00000000
	SINIT.SIZE: 0B (0x0)
	HEAP.BASE: 0x00000000
	HEAP.SIZE: 0B (0x0)
	DPR: 0x0000000000000000
	    lock: FALSE
	    top: 0x00000000
	    size: 0MB (0B)
	    87 9a 8f 9c bf 9e 3d 1d 12 dc 9a d7 6d de 34 e6 
	    aa 40 36 64 c7 39 db 34 7b 85 8f 0b e0 33 ae 3a 

	 TXT measured launch: TRUE
	 secrets flag set: FALSE
unable to find TBOOT log

I'm seeing that the SENTER.DONE.STS and SEXIT.DONE.STS bits are both set. If I understood right, this doesn't make sense since they signal whether all the threads are running the code within the MLE or not (I'm not running an MLE here). In addition, the DID reported by TXT.DIDVID doesn't match that of my PCH (which is 0x3482). Am I doing something wrong here?

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