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Determine number of Virtual Machines in host



   I need help in determining the total amount of Virtual Machines that can run on one Physical Server for my project.I have looked a several forums and there is not one single answer.Many IT managers have different ways of determining the number of Virtual Machines that any host can carry;however,there has to be a single rule of thumb that any person can use to determine the amount of VMs.

How can I determine the amount of VMs that can be hosted on one server that has the following: Intel Xeon E5-2407 v2 2.4GHZ CPU,80 GB of ram and a 7TB storage space?

I do know that the following affects the amount of VMs:

  • The work load of each VM.
  • Gigs of Ram.
  • Processor Type and It's cores.
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Hello, I have checked around on this topic and there is not a clear answer.  Your understand about the type of workload would affect the amount of VMs is correct.  I came across this article that talks about the same topic and wanted to share with you:  Regards, Thai