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Devices with Intel Realsense disappearing from the market ???

In the past 6 months there were a lot of devices, laptops, all-in-one desktops and tablets that came out from Dell, HP, Asus and Lenovo. I bought some of them like I have 2 Dell Laptops, 2 HP Laptops, 7 Lenovo All-in-one Desktops and 2 Dell All-in-one Desktops and we developed our tools in the hope that these devices will keep coming.

For the past one month these devices have disappeared from Best Buy, MicroCenter and the online websites of these manufacturers. What is the reason. Is Intel discarding embedding their technology into the 3rd party devices or there is an upgrade due. If an upgrade is due when is that coming. We would be buying a lot of these devices on behalf of our customer. I understand We can buy the creative Camera Kit  and install on other devices but an embedded system was a better approach for our marketing plan. Kindly let us know what is going on?

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Intel's approach with RealSense has consistently been to develop "reference devices" that act as a demonstration blueprint of the technology to encourage third parties to use the technology in that way in their own devices.  Examples are the "Yelllows" smartphone and the Project Alloy mixed reality headset.  

As Intel does not manufacture its own consumer RealSense products (even the dev-kit cameras are produced by Creative), adoption of RealSense ultimately depends on how many manufacturers decide to use it.   Thee is strong interest from small companies in integrating RealSense circuit boards into their products, but for some reason Intel has never provided details of how to order supplies of components, meaning that RealSense devices tend to be limited to a handful of big manufacturers who already have an established relationship with Intel.

It seems as though RealSense's primary role - through its various Development Kits - has evolved into being a prototyping platform for areas of research such as object analysis, drones and robotics, rather than as an integrated device that can be put in a product as a bare-bones circuit board.

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