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Did I get the wrong CPU?

I'm in the process of building my first computer and haven't bought all my parts yet aside from the CPU. I've had the CPU for about a week and just recently opened the box to look at everything. I found my processor has no gold pins on the bottom but rather gold dots. My friend tells me I have the wrong processor but he is unsure. Can anyone confirm this?
Here is the CPU:
Here is the motherboard I will be putting it on:
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Hello h1gherreflex,
This isn't the right place for these sort of questions.
You need to go to the website, find your motherboard on their product list and then check the 'CPU support list' to see if the CPU is supported.
Of course (gentle chiding... mostly for the benefit of others), this is something you really should do BEFORE you purchase a motherboard.
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That mainboard does not have physical video outputs so you will not be able to use Intel integrated graphics which is present in that particular CPU. If you do not care about Intel integrated graphics and Intel QuickSync video transcoding, and if you intend to buy or have already bought a discrete graphics card (AMD or NVIDIA), then this combination may work for you because CPU is listed as supported since BIOS version 0804 on ASUS website:

In my opinion, a better option would have been an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro mainboard:

Regarding "gold dots" .vs. "gold pins" -- LGA (Land Grid Array) socket CPUs do not have pins. Pins are located in the CPU socket on the mainboard itself (under the plastic protective cap).

If you haven't installed an LGA CPU before, make sure you carefully read the mainboard manual (CPU and heatsink installation), and the small booklet included in the CPU retail box. It is very easy to damage the socket pins if you are not extra carefull.
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