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Game Creation Change?

About half a year ago, I created a game using the Intel XDK.  During the process, you had to load code to the accelerated canvas as such:


and then inside that file make calls like:


But when I try this now (I have recently updated the Intel XDK and have not used it since the game), the first call results in the XDK crashing every time.  Has the API for game creation changed?  I keep finding mixed Documentation talking about updates and the ability to use new engines but nothing about how to access the accelerated canvas changing.  I've tried creating a project in a couple different ways and they all seem to have the same result: crashing.  Even when I open my old game to try and run it, it crashes the XDK as well.

Is it simply accessible from the main frame?  Do I not need to open the environment on the accelerated canvas any more?


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It sounds like you are using the old AGI or accelerated game interface that was part of the legacy build container. This has been discontinued in favor of Crosswalk, which provides accelerated WebGL features in a standard Chromium/Blink-based WebView. You may have to rewrite your AGI application, but you'll be able to use industry standard HTML5 to write your app.

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