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GoogleIO RealSense folks?


Just hitting this up in the wild off-chance there are other Realsense/GoogleIO types around.

After yesterday's cluster-F* (90 degree heat, no shade, vastly inadequate seating for any events except the keynote, etc) I'm sitting most of today out and writing from my hotel room instead. (Everything I want to see appears to be streamed... so I can do that in air conditioning)

Are there any other folks out for GoogleIO 2016? Would consider a meetup tomorrow (or even tonight at the Tango after hours "Phantogeist" event)/

Tweet me @BigBlueCeiling and/or post here and maybe we can get a little group of RealSense developers together. I suggest the Project Loon area to meet up at since nobody seems to know what it is and it's usually one of the few relatively clear areas.

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