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How to add admob banner to my android intel xdk app


Hello, i made 4 android apps, i managed to add admob to one of them by luck but i couldn't do it with the other three,could any one write me here the steps please ,i just want a banner at the button of the screen .Also please don't direct me to a page via links because i tried all and nothing works,also i already now How to get the ad ID from admob steps, i just need how to set up and use java and admob simple plug in for the ad to show on a banner at the bottom of my app, thank you very much .'' don't forget i want the steps here on the forum " .

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Most of the admob plugin vendors have sample code that shows you how to access their code. I suggest you locate the github repo that belongs to the specific admob plugin you are using and find the examples in that repo. If you are unable to find examples there, try another provider, there are many people trying to make money off of providing admob plugins.

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