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I am new to android ... I'm starting also developing app with Intel XDK.

Please guide me on the questions below:

1-I want to develop an app for android, which from a text box (text area), the user to inform a fact or claim, this is sent to a specific e-mail, you know? as a kind of FEEDBACK. It could even be sent also to a specific whatsapp, but do not know what would be the most interesting, quick and efficient resolution of technical view point.

2-I have researched a lot about cord-plugins-email-compose, that is, within the Intel XDK environment; I did several tests and examples collected from the Internet, but does not work. On the other hand, outshines in my view the issue of e-mail, domain on android, do not know how this. For I see several apps, same with many such resources, forms, sending data, etc. But I'm having a hard time understanding these things.

3-In a web environment this is all understandable to me, for many years ago, I got to do a few simple things in PHP and Mysql ... as the situation I described above ... made a HTML page of record suggestions and invoking a script on the server side PHP, which sent these records to a specific email. I stayed this page in cloud, remember that the (localweb) and localweb server had the resources to support PHP, Mysql. But to do so, or to host this page on the server, I had to create a domain in registro.BR and the service functioned normally. So I wanted to take this same solution ... this idea ... that is, the web server environment for the smartphone environment, android. You see? Finally, develop a simple app that the user could file a claim (form - text area) and this was sent to
a specific email or even a whatsapp.


1) I have almost given up the cord-plugins-email-compose, however, you can guide me more about this plugin?
2) Can I do this, intregrando INTEL XDK with PHP? (Ie, because in PHP, I know how to send e-mail)
3) To host app, which server would indicate me?
4) Are there any free or paid server to send the APK and test, ie I could download and test the App on my phone?
5) To host my APP APK or on free or paid server, I would have to necessarily create have a domain? email account?
6) Can demontrar me or send me an APP / APK to record a message, or text, or subject (text area or INPUT button) and internally APP feature to send this message to an e-mail?
7) I enjoyed the Intel XDK environment, but I would indicate another similar tool, given the complexity of dealing with e-mail?

Thanks for the clarification.
Thank you.
Jorge F.

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I use the XDK for my Android apps  and have them communicate with a LAMP(PHP) server through web services (SOAP or REST) and AJAX, By using one of these three methods to communicate with your PHP server from the App, you can send your textbox content via a specific API/route and let the server do the work. Check my github,com/patrickingle for samples.


Hi my friend, it works fine using AJAX.

You only writes a very simple PHP code on the server, and call it using the very konown javascript AJAX.

Its very important don´t forget to add your php file url in the android white list in XDK config definition and import cordova white-list plugin.


Hi my firend,

I tested your case, and you must declare the url in the white list. I declared "http://*" fpr my tests.

You don´t need import cordova white list plugin if you are using newest XDK version.

You must use AJAX. I don´t use JQuery, its very simple and fast make your own javascript httprequest function.

I hope can help you.