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Increasing HAXM ram memory allocationIncreasing HAXM ram memory allocation

I was able to reallocate the memory in Windows7 but now with new machine I got with Windows 10 Pro, the only option I get when I install the Android Studio but not at the time of HAXM installation.  Why this change has made?  It does not make any sense to reinstall the Android Studio in order to change the HAXM memory allocation.  

When I try to rerun the installer, both the Change and Repair are disabled and I only have the option to Remove it.  When I remove it and reinstall it does not even give the option to set the memory.

That said, could someone tell me how can I change the memory allocation, please?  very frustrating because my second simulator is keep crashing...  I can have only one simulator at a time which is not acceptable for me for my testing...


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