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ATTENTION! ISSUE FIXED! Look at the end of this post!

I'm running a newly set up maschine with the latest manufacturers BIOS and drivers. I have no issues with my system at all except i can't install HAXM. While attempting to install HAXM, the installation aborts with a BSOD. The stop code is WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (124). There are no events showing up in the event log except the stop code. Avast is disabled while i'm attempting to install HAXM. I already reinstalled all drivers multiple times.

The Bug-Check shows an issue with the L2 Cache (DCACHEL2_DRD_ERR). I'm new to debugging stop codes, don't expect that to be the cause of the issue. As i said i've no issues with my system at all except the BSOD while attempting to install HAXM. I've download HAXM from the official website, version 6.0.1. 

A quick System overview: I'm using a MSI Z97S SLI KRAIT EDITION. The CPU is a Intel i5-4690K, it passed IPDT. The other components are picked from MSI official hardware compatibility list. I'm not overclocking my system. I'm not running any MSI Board-Tools on my Windows 10 maschine. Of course the latest Windows 10 updates are installed. 

My system crashing attempting to installing HAXM makes me wonder. I'm looking forward for your help.

Attached is the latest .dmp file i've got.

Guess what! I Fixed the issue! I stumbled upon this post in the forum:

Disabling Avast completely wasn't enough. I needed to disable Hardware assisted virtualization in the Avast settings.

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