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Intel security plugin



I am following a webcast regarding using the intel security plugin.  But I cannot  find the plugin in the projects. 

Looking at this documentation:

I should be able to select Custom intel XDK plugins. But in my version of XDK 3900 that is not there. There is just the options for core, featured and third party.

Am I missing something or is this deprecated. This is worrying if it is deprecated we are looking to use XDK for building a mobile application centered on security, not IoT app.  Is this now the wrong framework to use to build a mobile app if the focus is moving towards IoT?




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Yes, that plugin has been removed from the featured plugin list because we are reorienting the tool for IoT app development and what we call "mobile IoT companion apps." From a mobile IoT companion app perspective, our goal is to support mobile apps that include enough functionality to demonstrate how to interact with an IoT app running on an IoT device over a variety of communication channels.

You can still get that plugin from the Cordova npm plugin registry (com-intel-security-cordova-plugin) or from the GitHub repo (

If you want to build a mobile app that goes beyond what we are able to support with the XDK, you may need to consider using Cordova CLI directly. Note that the latest release includes a way to export your XDK project as a PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI project. See this doc page for details >