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Intexl XDK 3641 iOS Build Failed

Hello world

I have been at this issue for about 6hrs now and I have exhausted all possible avenues (i feel) and have lost my mind slightly.

So in classic Intel XDK forum fashion, i would like to state that my Android app is building perfectly, but my iOS app not so much. The log (a sensitive point) only shows 4 lines and i do not know how to access the full detailed log. See below what i am being told...

Plugins wise, nothing fancy...

  1. Statusbar
  2. Splashscreen
  3. Device

I have followed (on more than 3 occasions) the tutorial posted on these forums about generating the P12 certificate and provisioning profiles etc. (i have successfully launched an iOS app in a previous version, so i have done this all before) but nothing seems to be working. I have changed app names, made sure there are no special characters, but now i am all out of ideas.

Please offer some insights or even tell me how i can access the damn log files for more detail!!!

I have high hopes from you guys :)

Thanks in advance

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Darren -- when the summary log does not include a link to the detailed log it means there is no detailed log. The detailed log shows the build log, but the error you are seeing is a result of no build starting, so the problem precedes the build phase.

My suspicion is something to do with the location or name of your mobile provisioning file?

Create a new project using the blank template. Do not add anything to that project other than your mobile provisioning file. See if you can build that.

If that does not work, then please try creating a new set of Apple certs, but use the "windows" process to do this. In other words, if you have a Mac DO NOT use the process described for Mac owners, use the process described for Windows and Linux users. That process is the one that uses the XDK backend to create your certificates.