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Ionic angular.js

hi im trying to build an apk. and i need to know if is posible whit intel xdk using ionic as framework get info from a DB  using php from a server like mySql im using Mamp but i need some help whit the connection. if some one can help or have a guide to follow or even know if is posible to do what im trying. if the problem is ionic i can use also Jquery. thanks for any information about. 

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Hi Nicolas,

It is all possible, and you may use any framework you want.

I suggest you learn about RESTful, this is the way to call to a remote database from a mobile app. You may not need php at all.

Some tools that you could use:

Because you talk about php, I think this may be an easy starting point, I never tested it.

Open source tool that generates a complete REST api for several databases, including MySQL and some NoSQL.

I used it a lot with XDK.

But the very first step is to understand that in your mobile app you don't have php, so if you come form web php+MySQL development you need to change the way you work. Learn about REST.

Good luck,