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Woman In Tech themed event held in Jogja Digital Valley aims to provide support for women to be aware of Technology. This event was held for two days, Friday and Saturday at the 1st and April 2016. The first day was held on hours of 18:00 to 21:00 stuffed with meet up with the speakers experienced in the information technology industry is Estu Galina Nur Pratiwi which is COO Agate Yogyakarta, Vania Marita which is Co Founder Wisageni Studio and Mr. Faqih Aulia as Intel Black Belt Software Developer. While the second day held on Saturday 2 April 2016 were filled with training makes android application filled out by Mr. Aulia Fakih and seminars by Siska Restu Anggraeny Iskandar which is the initiator of Women Aware Technology. In addition to getting the science is very useful facility of fillers that have been experienced in the field of information technology, the participants also get dining facilities as well as free snacks and Free Internet connection anyway.

Meet up with the speakers experienced in the information technology industry on the first day went very exciting and interesting. Participants were amazed by the experiences of the speakers in the world of technology and information mainly from Estu Galina Nur Pratiwi and Vania Marita were able to survive with his work in the world which is mainly inhabited by men. Moreover, with an educational background Galina Estu not of Information Technology, he was able to build Agathe Jogja from the beginning until now been able to make a lot of gaming applications work with partners large corporate companies. In fact, until recently the number downoad game studio has been built by Galina Estu Pratiwi Nur and his companions reached 1 million downloads. It was a remarkable achievement for women working as Estu Galina workers. Aside from Estu Galina, Vania Marita also has outstanding experience ranging from working for a company that would be willing and able establish their own startup that Wisageni Studio along with his colleague. Vania Marita said that the application is installed on HP women more stout 40% compared to the applications that are installed on HP males. It shows that the man making the application, which mendesainpun men and ways of thinking in membuatpun way of thinking men but are using the application are women. Perhaps if women had considerable experience in the world of apps and games and make the application in accordance with the needs of existing palikasi perempauan may be more pervasive and precise Sasara. This shows that the real opportunity for women to engage in the world of Information Technology is still very large.

Question and answer session for both presenters women in the field of Information Technology also was very exciting. Participants meet up this time is very enthusiastic and curious about the two speakers with evidence they ask questions, ranging from how your they both acquaintance with the game world, laments undergoing a job dominated by men as well as how to adapt to the job. With the exposure of the two extraordinary women open the minds of participants that women should be aware of the technology, women have the ability and the same opportunities as men to plunge in the world of Information Technology.

Keseruan night it did not stop there, Mr. Aulia Fakih which is Intel Black Belt Software Developer also take part filled event. He described the experience as long as in the world of information technology to be ogled by Intel predicate Black Belt. He was given glory by Intel to provide assistance and verification of all individual and corporate activities related to the development program involving Intel includes activities this evening that cooperation also with Intel. He also explained indeed quantity of women who were involved in the world of Information Technology is still very little. Yet to be someone in the world of Information Technology example of Mr. Fakih Aulia yes to become a Black Belt must not be smart or clever ngoding or C programming needed just show off. That's done by Mr. Aulia Fakih in obtain his degree Black Belt in Intel. He is not a person skilled in ngoding but he wants information literacy and Confidence. Karna show off her that he can now hold title as Intel Black Belt Software Developer. Truly extraordinary science delivered that night as the revealer of participants in the plunge in the world of Information Technology. The atmosphere that is created when his spirit it is the atmosphere that lights the flame that is capable of delivering so enthusiastic participants came in the second day of the training is to make android applications.

The second day is filled with training makes android application filled out by Mr. Aulia Fakih using Intel XDK software. The participants were trained how to create an application from scratch is not installed until so apk within 4 hours are from 10:00 to 14:00 o'clock pm. Participants of the training of Mr. Fakih Aulia very seriously and enthusiastically. Creativity and ideas are outlined in the application which participants create any variety ranging from instructional media and gaming by incorporating core components, namely text, images, audio and video. The training was conducted by a demonstration conducted by Mr. Aulia Fakih itself hereinafter participants are given the freedom to create applications at will. Participants are given the freedom to inquire with the difficulties they face for making an application to Mr. Fakih Aulia and accompanying committee. Participants this time completely facilitated to create Android applications using Intel XDK this. 4 hours passed very seriously and with satisfactory results. Participants made a revolution in him which at first were no shadows to install Intel XDK but with this event and with the help of Mr. Aulia Fakih, participants in a short time can make android applications.

Keseruan day it did not stop there, the organizers have prepared a menu with a very slick closing ceremony. Participants of this training Siska arrival Restu Anggraeny Iskandar which is the initiator of Women Aware Technology. He fills the closing event with very interesting is to share experiences in the movement that he pioneered technology that is as conscious initiators. Movement held so real that training to Mothers PKK for technological literacy. He held an event to Mothers PKK Nogolaten once every week to share their knowledge and skills to Mothers PKK. A style of delivering attractive and supported by body language Siska Restu Anggraeny in presenting the material, participants were very serious for 4 hours to learn to create applications with presence Siska Restu Anggraeny relaxed atmosphere begins to melt into. Participants were so enthusiastic in following this closing event because the motivation provided by Siska Restu Anggraeny very interesting is to provide technology impact to the surrounding environment. Siska Restu Anggraeny said that for IT students, "He's not a true IT student said that she did not have an impact on the environment". It's very, very heavy blow for the participants because during this time, most of the participants think that the lectures and the technologies they use and learn for himself. They were not minded to share on the surrounding environment. It's extraordinary motivation gained from Siska Restu Anggraeny this time.

Thank you for the knowledge given in the "Meetup & Workshop Makes Android App Girls - Yogyakarta" was held at the Jogja Digital Valley. Thanks to Mr. Aulia Fakih who had opened the mind and share knowledge that is invaluable. Thank you to our fillers are very great event. Thank you to the committee that already provide free facilities include dining, place, snacks and services. Hopefully the "Meetup & Workshop Makes Android App Girls - Yogyakarta" does not stop once. We wish all participants can apply and develop the knowledge that has been gained during the event "Meetup & Workshop Makes Android App Girls - Yogyakarta".

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