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New R200 DCM Warning


I just noticed that a new R200 DCM has been uploaded to the Intel Drivers page, which seems to finally fix the Win10 Anniversary issue a lot of us have been seeing. In the release notes for the new DCM on page 5 it states, in red text:

Please note that the use of the Platform Camera with this DCM version requires the use of newer RSSDK version to be released shortly. Attempting to use the Platform Camera sync feature with the latest publicly available RSSDK might cause some issues and will not function as expected.

Is there any more information on what this means? What is the "Platform Camera"? What issues may be caused? Should we not use this release at all before the new SDK is out?

I notice that some of our test devices have automatically changed to this version through Windows Update. If this update may potentially break some things, why is it put out automatically and not by choice (in case you need the things it breaks)?



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