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Persistent Link to Intel's latest and greatest CPU


I am looking to have a bookmark to a persistent link to Intel's latest and greatest CPU.

I would like to be able to click a bookmark in my browser and see a listing of the latest and greatest CPU that Intel has released for retail sales. Meaning that I can order the CPU from Intel and get it (not have to wait for it via a pre-order).

I would like to see it listed. Not choose from some list. One CPU with a short list of specifications, and a longer list of specifications further down the page.

If I have a need for an Intel CPU, and if I want the latest and greatest, I would like to be able to click on a link and there it is. Maybe a separate link on that page to an automatic order for that one CPU alone for fast orders.

I would like to see each of these on that page:

  • CPU model number,
  • number of cores,
  • speed per core,
  • C++ level that is FULLY supported,
  • C++ levels that are partially supported,
  • estimated shipping time.

Price would be nice, but that can be on another page if you need to separate that.

Please supply me with a link to that.


If you cannot do that, then just a link to the persistently current Intel latest and greatest CPU all by itself.

Thank you.



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