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Personalized laptops for the AI Developer Zone


Good day,

I was wonder who I would he able to contact inside AI Developer Zone Student Coursework how I would go about acquiring a laptop personalized for my needs preloaded with Microsoft office and word and whatever else programs or files would be relevant. I have never owned a laptop before I am 33. I have always used my phone for all types of communication,researching and studying. Physical pain flair ups that occur randomly make it impossible for me to write notes or project  plans as I am constantly having to put the phone down to rest my wrists which in turn  puts my way behind any sort of deadline or schedule. I am asking for advise as I have no idea how to buy a computer or how to properly use it. And final issue is I am a unemployed student with a tight budget to get the equipment necessary to be present and stay focused while learning the AI Developer Zone. To wrap up my feedback .I am in need of a reliable dependable PC to progress in my process. 


Thank you for the help.



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