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Questions On Proper Citation Of Apache 2.0 and MIT Licensed Plugins

    I noticed that plugins retrieved from github are included in the project folder with their licenses included; however, I would like to know if that would satisfy the requirement of proper citation for MIT and APACHE 2.0 (or in few cases APACHE) licensed code. Would a MIT or APACHE 2.0 plugin for some feature have to also be cited in some special way within the app.js to satisfy the needs of an APACHE 2.0 or MIT licensed cordova plugin?

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See the Redistribution section of the Apache Software Foundation license. In particular, in the Cordova project-maintained plugins, there is a NOTICE file (item "d.") that is referenced in that section of their master license. For example, this is what's in the NOTICE file in the "device" plugin:

Apache Cordova
Copyright 2012 The Apache Software Foundation

This product includes software developed at
The Apache Software Foundation (

Ultimately, you'll have to get clarification from the Apache Software Foundation regarding how to best comply with their license terms. At minimum, it probably makes sense to include a similar NOTICE file in your app with a reference to their license file (the URL I gave you) and any other software licenses that apply to your app.