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R(200) object tracking and interfacing with MATLAB


I am facing a few issues while using my R200 camera.
1. While using the camera with the already provided Intel SDK
The RealSense camera that i have been using came with it's own SDK and has some already coded algorithms for object detection, facing tracking etc. However, when we load a target image from the laptop library into the algorithm, for object tracking, it fails to track the object with even slight variations in background color, contrast settings etc. Why this happens, i don't know. I am not able to find, what algorithm has been used to track objects, in the documentation either. 

2. While using the camera as a peripheral device interfaced with matlab and used as a USB Webcam

I had also tried using the RealSense camera as a USB webcam for MATLAB and was hoping to process live video feed from the camera using the MATLAB toolbox, since the object detection algorithm in the SDK was very weak. However, the quality of images received through the camera, when interfaced with MATLAB, deteriorated to a great extent (as compared to the ones received using the SDK) for unknown reasons. I am only able to take images, when the camera is interfaced with MATLAB, and not a video. MATLAB shows an error when i try obtaining a video input reading " ADAPTOR name and DEVICE ID must be specified".
Please help.

Thanks in advance,


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I can't give advice on question 1 as I haven't personally used the object tracking feature, I'm afraid.  Regarding question 2, perhaps the open-source version of the RealSense software called librealsense could provide the functionality that you seek, since it is designed for highly technical applications.

Edit: during my researches, I came across an Intel article posted only a couple of days ago about using RealSense with MatLab and thought I'd pass it on in case you hadn't seen it.


HI ! 

I just read a blog post on this in intel rewards . It stated that it 'Might' be a hardware problem.

Thanks ,