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SMBus (I2C) Sample Code

Does anyone know of any sample code showing how to open a stream on the SMBus and write/read comands and buffers? I am using the EP80579 development board with Intel SMBus drivers for XP embedded. I wish to communicate with custom I2C devices I plan to connect to the SMBus.
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Since you have an Intel development board, we recommend that you work with your Intel Product Representative to obtain design support.

If your company has its own Intel representative, you may wish to inquire whether they are able to assist with this inquiry. Your company's Purchasing Department will normally have your Intel representative's contact information. If you have no contact, please see under "Design Components".

If your location is not listed, please see an Intel Authorized Distributor and ask for a Field Application Engineer (FAE). Our Intel Authorized Distributor list is also linked from the URL above.

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