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Scene Perception BlockMeshing : Old mesh are not removed



We want to use BlockMeshing capabilities to extract a mesh from a reconstructed scene and we found out that the algorithm is unable to remove old chunks of meshes.

Here is a simple viewer to compare the mesh reconstruction with the Volume preview:

The left preview shows my arm being integrated in the volume and being meshed (red circles) which is totally normal.

For the right preview I removed my arm and made sure that it is completely removed from the volume. With my tests I saw that some vertices are removed, but as we can see, most of the mesh will stay forever.


Of course it is an unwanted behavior and knowing that the TSDF get updated properly means that there would probably have a way to have a "slightly" dynamic scene mesh.

I tested with the Unity sample and have the same behavior on the latest versions. And this code was made in C++.

Thank you!

Mathieu Garon

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