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Scene Perception DoReconstruction fail since 2016 R1


My current project uses an external tracking system for the camera pose estimation. We decided to use Realsense's api for camera management and Volume integration. We recently updated from R5 to newer version and it seems that no data can be added manually with DoReconstruction.

Here are the steps that works with R5 but not with newer versions:

  • Initialize objects : SenseManager, Session, Scene Perception, BlockMeshingData
  • Enable streams :RGB and Depth
  • Create PxcProjection
  • Launch a thread that will AcquireFrame in a loop
  • EnableSceneReconstruction is set to false.
  • On the main thread we call DoReconstruction once in a while using last scene perception's sample and our tracking pose.

When using the new Realsense version, it seems that everything goes fine until that the thread which calls DoMeshingUpdate always get 0 from QueryNumberOfBlockMeshes() as if no information is added to the volume.

Is there a new step that I need to consider with the new versions (after R5) ?

I hope I provided enough information (sorry for not having a minimalist version of the code)

Thank you,

Mathieu Garon

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