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Special instructions for using push plugins and similar plugins that include a gradle script

Some plugins include a simple gradle script to fix an issue in the standard Cordova CLI 5.x Android build systems. This issue has been resolved in the recent Cordova CLI 6 Android build systems. Our CLI 5.x build systems have also been modfied to incorporate this Cordova fix. However, because out build system will reject the use of a plugin that incorporates a gradle script, it is necessary to modify those plugins that include this simple gradle fix before you add them to your project.

This fix only works with those Cordova plugins that include a gradle script for one and only one purpose: to set the value of applicationID in the Android build project files (such a gradle script copies the value of the App ID from your project's Build Settings, on the Projects tab, to this special project build variable).

For more information on how to inspect a plugin for this simple gradle script and how to modify the plugin for use with the Intel XDK build system, please see this FAQ > <

The phonegap-plugin-push and pushwoosh-phonegap-plugin are both known to work with the modifications described in the FAQ. Other plugins may also work. You must first inspect the plugin, per the information outlined in the FAQ, and follow the procedure described in that FAQ to make this work.

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