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Targetting iOS - Creating P12 Certificate


I have devloped app on Intel XDK and have distributed to Android users and working fine..

Now, I want to target iOS users, so want to build for iOS. For same, Intel XDK is asking to have Apple certicate, through XDK it could generate .scr file, but on click on link it take to apple site which doesn't provide any option to generate certificate..

What screen sample shown in help of XDK looks completely different than what I actually see on apple site.. Can't find any option to create certificate... Somewhere going throuh search / help, figured that there looks to be option for same in Xcode. but its not allowing to download XCode as well as it seems like it requires Apple OS to run.. 

Does it mean that running Intel XDK on windows, we can't create builds for iOS users??

How to solve this..?? Please help...

This is what I see on Apple account..

Many Thanks,





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Pretend you have a Windows machine and use the method described for that situation. The process to create your certificates if you are a Windows user seems to be easier to follow. The net result is the same. So, rather than following the instructions for a Mac user, follow the instructions for a Windows user, which will also work for a Mac or Linux user.

p.s. You also need to have an Apple Developers account, regardless of your host system. We cannot generate the final certificate for you, only Apple can, and that can only be done if you pay them $99/year for a developer account.