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Unity Toolkit Facetracking


Good evening.

An application development is being done in Unity.
" Using RS Unity Toolkit".
The face is reflected in a camera, and, a texture, in a nose and an eye.
Are they able to cover?
An image picture check the "Face Augmentation" of following Uniform Resource Locator, please.
I'm in trouble because I don't understand.
Please tell me.

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I am guessing that you want to use Unity to display video of the user's face in your application?

You can display a live video on the surface of an object (such as a flat board) by using a Unity function called WebcamTexture.

When your application runs, it replaces the texture that is on the object with the live video.  When the video stops running, the texture on the object changes back to to its original one.  For example, if you have a plain black color as your display board's original texture, when the video starts the black texture will be replaced with the video.  When the video stops, it will disappear and the black texture will return.

You can overlay RealSense powered objects on top of the board that is displaying the video so that it looks like the information produced by those objects is part of the visual image.

There is a sample Unity application called AR-Mirror that comes packaged with the RealSense SDK.  This will show you something similar to what I think you may be trying to achieve.  You can find this sample in the Sample Browser application that comes with the SDK.

If you need further assistance, please do ask here in the comments.  Good luck!







RealSense SDKが付属しているAR-ミラーというサンプルユニティアプリケーションがあります。これはあなたに私はあなたが達成しようとしていると思われるものに似たものが表示されます。あなたは、SDKに付属の​​サンプル・ブラウザ・アプリケーションでは、このサンプルを見つけることができます。


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