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Unknown layer on the project

The application that I created using XDK version 3759, Jquery Mobile, has presented in some devices an image that covers the content, it does not happen on all devices, I noticed mainly in versions of Android 4.1.x. The image I attached is a screen print with the problem, yet the print does not capture the image exactly as it is. Where I scrawled in the image you can actually see some almost totally transparent items with the formats (a home - a square button with a circle, a circle and an inbox) ... and see that they are on a surface that Covers the contents of the APP, above the left you can see that part of my content (text: FeedMT) appears a piece. It's like having another semi-transparent application covering this part of the application (and it does not happen on all pages, only on the main page)

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Ronaldo -- I'm assuming you are building with Crosswalk disabled (that is, the "optimize for crosswalk" box is cleared or unchecked). I recommend you build with Crosswalk and see if the problem goes away. If so, it is due to the old "native" webview that is built into Android 4.x devices.

The Android 4.0-4.3 devices do not use a Chrome-based webview, they use an ancient Android webview that is missing many HTML5 features you take for granted. The Android 4.4 webview is Chrome-based, but it is quite old. Android 5+ devices use a Chrome webview that Google updates periodically. See this blog for more details > <