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Unreliable GPS on Android Marshmallow


Ok, so I understand that the geolocation plugin is now just a wrapper for html5 geolocation.
I think there is a problem with html5 geolocation and Android 6 (Marshmallow). I have a big pile of phones with Android down to version 4 working flawlessly, but on Marshmallow the gps will drop frequency and accuracy after some time, sometimes up to 2 minutes between gps positions. 
Others have been reporting similar problems with known tracking apps:

I wonder if Androids FusedLocationProviderApi somehow messed up some things for "older apps". 
Does anyone know how to get reliable gps with Marsmallow?

Could it be time to reintroduce native geolocation implementing FusedLocationProviderApi?

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Lars -- this is something you should take up with the Cordova project, they are the creators and maintainers of the Geo plugin. You might also search the Cordova plugin registry for alternatives to the core Cordova Geo plugin. As well, try building with Crosswalk to see if that makes a difference, since it replaces the Android webview and may provide more reliable and consistent results on your Android devices.