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Using Realsense F200 to measure


Hi, I want to use the f200 the measure the distance between two points.

My idea is quiet simple. Transforming the color and depth stream to opencv Mat type, CV_8UC3 and CV_8UC1, respectively. Selecting two pixel in color image and then get the their pixel coordinates, and then transform them into world coordinate and finally get the Eucliden distance. What I don't know is the mapping way. Although there is a StreamCalibration function in PXCCalibration, but there is also a transform function StreamTransform to transform the camera coordinate to world coordinate, i want to know is Wc*R+T or (Wc+T)*R. And i also want to know mapping from depth image coordinate to world coordinate.

Beacuse the similar case is only with the R200 in sample RF_EnhancedPhotography, I really puzzled about the problems above.

Thank you for your patience and suggestion.  

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