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Windows 10 app taskbar icon is inside gray boroder


I have a game that I build with Intel XDK. One of my builds is for Windows 10. In the project tab in "Launch icons and Splash Sceens" section I've defined all the needed icons (). I've build the game and install it. When I create desktop shortcut for my game I see the icon inside gray border , when I run the game I the the icon in the task bar in gray border also . When I try to add icons manually I get lost in "target" property of the icon xml element in config.xml.

I want to see valid config.xml where all the necessary icons are defined. Does somebody have one and can share it with me?

Thank you in advance

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I checked the documentation and cordova code, the "icon and splash" UI has support for all sizes except one 310x310,



you can manually add this in the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file, like this:

<icon platform="windows8" src="res/icon/windows/310.png" width="310" height="310"/>

(use the right path for your icon file)


try this and let us know if it fixes the issue.