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X2Apic behavior in virtualized and non-virtualized modes

My question is on the ICR offset of the local apic.


X2APIC normal operation:

From table 10.6:

MSR 0x830 - ICR

This msr covers both offsets 0x300(ICR_LO) and 0x310(ICR_HI) in the xapic mode.
Footnote at the bottom of the table seems to indicate any access to MSR
0x831 will cause general-protection violations.

X2APIC in vmx non-root

section 29.5 - virtualizing msr based accesses :

If APIC-register virtualization is 1 and ECX contains a value in the range
800H-8FFH, the instruction reads the 8 bytes from offset X on the virtual-APIC page into EDX:EAX, 
where X = (ECX & FFH) « 4. This occurs even if the local APIC is not in x2APIC mode.


1. If I do a rdmsr to msr 0x830 in vmx non-root and if the virtual apic page is at
address X then the result I get is from offset X+0x300 in EAX and X+0x304 from

2. If I do a rdmsr to msr 0x830 outside of a virtual machine, the result I get
is memory-mapped offset of 0x300 in EAX and memory-mapped offset of 0x310 in

It seems to me that the normal x2apic operation and the operation with apic
register virtualization differ in their results returned for this msr. Am I
interpreting the content of section 29.5 correctly? 

If the documentation is correct then any ideas on how to handle it in software?

Thank you.



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