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app not working online


How could it be that an Intel XDK project on my local drive (my computer), works when I launch the index.html file in a browser. The app works flawlessly. However, when I upload to my server (FTP, hosting) it does not work? Is there something that has to be configured for where you are uploading too? Is there something that needs to be specifically built for your location? Thanks

P.S. I had previously asked a similar question about what I specifically doing. I think I may have made things confused so I asked it again here. Thanks

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The difference with launching index.html locally in browser and on server is that local index.html is served with file-server and in other case it is using a webserver. You can also debug by using a local webserver to launch in browser instead of directly opening index.html in browser.

You have make sure you are using absolute URLs for any scripts or assets in code for it to work correctly on webserver. For example script inclusion should look something like this <script src="/js/app.js"></script> (notice that "/" at the beginning of path)

Private message me the actual URL of the hosted app, I can take a look.



This is super helpful! I totally get what you are talking about and I am glad to have some good direction like you provide. I remember similar issues when I was learning about WordPess. There being a need for links to be absolute. I kind of suspected this. I am going take a look and may ask more here. I am assuming that the same type of server that I test PHP MySQL is sufficient. This is great info! Thanks

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Hi Chris,

Are you using the XDK Web Application build and upload that to your server?

In this case, what happened to me is that when I upload the build to the server the permissions are wrong, read only for owner. This way, when I try to open the app, there is an error.

After change the permissions, the app starts to work flawlessly.

I reported this, last time I tried was not solved yet. The permissions change is trivial, so it is very easy to fix.

I'm using Linux servers.

If you just upload your www project folder, as it is from your development machine, probably this is not the problem. But I think that is not the recommended procedure, having the Web App building option.




I see... I will pay attention to this in my server config. I will take your advice and let the IDE build the Web App and see what happens. Thanks a lot!