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build failed - unable to install plugin

How come an app i have in the Play Store that built ok a month ago now fails to build because a 3rd party plugin won't install.  I have made zero changes and not upgraded my XDK at all. Does the build process go off and pull down the plugin from git or wherever and that's changed behind my back? 

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Gary -- actually, the old version would install the plugin "behind your back." The new process is more consistent. Which means that the versions of the plugins you are using now either:

  • might be different versions, depending on how you specified them
  • might be incompatible with the latest build system (most likely)

If the versions were properly specified for your original project, you've probable got some older versions of the plugins that should be updated. If the versions were NOT specified in your original project, you may now have newer (or older) plugins in your project.

In the case of the "core" Cordova plugins, it is likely that versions were fully specified. When the project was upgraded to either CLI 5.1.1 or CLI 5.4.1 you should have accepted the prompt to "update CLI and plugins." If you did not do that, I recommend you force it by switching to a different CLI version and then switching back to the CLI version you are trying to use and make sure you "upgrade CLI and plugins." See this upgrade video for an example (there is no audio) >

If you have some third-party plugins in your app you may have to update those, as well. Note that the old Cordova registry has been retired, and the Cordova Project changed the way plugins are named, so some of your older plugins may have been "abandoned and restarted" with a new name. There's no clear way to know, other than checking the repo for the plugins to see what information is in the README file.

There have been enough changes to the Cordova framework that requires that many plugins be updated. Sorry, this is something the Apache Cordova Project decided, not Intel or the XDK.

New Contributor I

Thanks Paul. What i had to do to get it to build on 2893 (and 3240) was to download the plugin zip from git and then install it as a local plugin. Not sure why the downloaded version was any different from the one I was using before but it builds now so that's all good.