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problems with igfxcfg

first off apologies if this is not meant to be in this forum :/

Last week, i had a problem with a virus (Win32.Tenga), which was only resolved after using a norton disc a friend of mine had. The only problem is when Norton deleted the virus, i think it has deleted some files from my computer.

The problem i am having is as follows, when i right click anywhere on my desktop, and then go to graphics properties, i get the following message

Windows cannot find 'igfxcfg.exe'. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and then try again.

i have searched on google and was able to download said file (i think it is the right one, called the same so...) but when i try to install it i get the following message

The procedure entry point EnumDeviceByClass could not be located in the dynamic link library hccutils.DLL

if anyone can help me as to what i should do to resolve this i would greatly appreciate it

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