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streaming on obs

hello everybody,

my naame is maarten nieuwhuis. im am an intensive gamer (even though im not that good) and recently started streaming. at the start of the year i bought a laptop with the realsense technology intergrated, after having a good fiddle with it i found there is no simple and easy way to use the realsense technology on obs, even though the system has been intergrated on overwolf. I dislike using overwolf since i can not personalise my stream to look the way i want and it is still verry buggy. is thre a seperate program i need to install or a plugin for obs i can use to have the virtual green screen on obs? If not I gues I will gust have to wait for it then

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Hey Maarten,

I happen to be an Intel employee who also likes to stream/record. Currently the only streaming software that I'm aware of that supports depth based green screening with RealSense is XSplit. Having recently picked up RealSense and wanting to still use OBS Studio I filed a feature request here and recommend adding a +1 note or something to that effect so that this feature gets pushed to a sooner date on the Roadmap: