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view error for base64 image

I have update Crosswalk feat from r17 to r19. 

After this I have many problems on tags and CSS (mean for SPAN tag) but this issue i solved. 

But now I cannot see all old image that was in base64 format, that with Crosswalk r-17 was working.

I tryed more base 64 format (png, jpeg, svg-xml) but the result was the same: a white square.

Usually I get base64 string from my remote web-service ( base64 string is not wrote in local code ) so I tried to write whole base64 String in local code, but doesn't work.

I want to tell you that this issue is only in real android devices: when I use simulatore inside IntelXDK is all visible.

I'm building for Android from sdk version 17.

Someone as same issue with crosswalk 19 ?  

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