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About "Non-zero PCI group segments are not supported in PCM/Windows"



I am using PCM/Windows on 8 socket mechine with E7-v3 series CPU and two NC chip for connection. The NC chip  divided the mechine to two parts. Each with 4 sockets.

I found that PCM didn't print out the QPI bandwidth and IMC bandwidth. With the warning : Can not access Jaketonw/Ivytown PCI coniguration. Access to uncore counters (memory and QPI bandwidth) is disable. Because I use the same machine with linux OS,and the QPI bandwidth output is OK. 

I look deep inside the source code, and add some additional output to debug. Find out that in initSocket2bus() function, It only detect out 4 socket2bus 'entry' ( I mean socket2bus vector size = 4), so while in the judgement --- total_sockets_ == socket2bus.size()  --- it return false , and I get an exception and exit. that's why the QPI output missing..  

Then I try to find out why it only detect out 4 bus 'entry', find out that the source code only  traverse the condition of  segment group number = 0,

but our mechine has two segment group...and I got  "Non-zero PCI group segments are not supported in PCM/Windows" when I add another segment to traverse...

So, Why PCM/Windows only support zero PCI group segments (only one segment group) ?  It's there any way to solve my problem ? I want to monitor the  QPI bandwidth in windows OS..


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