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Handling of IERR


Hi everyone,

We ve been playin around a bit with some of the PCI configuration registers. Some of the bits that are of interest to us are locked by BIOS so we cannot do something about them.

Now, there are other bits that, when changed, cause, sooner or later, an IERR to be thrown and the server reboots. We know that this essential to detect unwanted behaviour on the server, but the errors we get at the moment are not due to unwanted behaviour, rather than, due to our changes. Is there a way to disable to invocation of such errors, or at least to force the system ignore them?

I ve come to think that these errors are handled within SMM, which we do not have access, (our server is not supported by coreboot), but I m not sure.

We re using a Fujitsu server TX300 S7 that has two Xeon E5 2600 CPUs.



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