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Intel Power Gadget (macOS) - Per Core Data?


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Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a way to see per-Core frequency data in Intel Power Gadget (macOS)?


I am trying to understand why my Mac Mini audio processing times in MainStage (using a particular patch with several virtual instruments) are about 2.5x those on my MacBook Pro (both with similar 6-core Intel chips). (The audio processing time is essentially the percentage of audio buffer required and the net result revealed by MainStage metering & actual glitching is I need at least 2x buffer size (latency) on the Mac Mini.) It's pretty mystifying given all other variables (OS, drivers, etc) are identical. And it's clear from the extremely helpful MainStage CPU meter the problem is the virtual instrument processing time (affects all virtual instruments in the same way).

My theory is the issue relates to different per core frequency oscillation/throttling behaviour because MainStage requests a very high freq and keeps the CPU temp near 100 degrees. But I can't prove this very easily atm in Intel Power Gadget as I can't see per-core frequency data. Yes, we get max and min - but you can't see how quickly the frequency is changing on each core or whether one core is always high and the other low.

It I had this data I would understand what is happening much better and would be able to e.g. more intelligently experiment with the optimal number of cores to use which is the one control variable available in MainStage.





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Hello @MMUK

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We understand that you have some inquiries regarding Intel® Power Gadget for macOS.

We have a forum for those specific products and questions so we are moving it to the Software Tuning, Performance Optimization & Platform Monitoring Forum so it can get answered more quickly.

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